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Columbus Community Health Clinic Receives $900,000 Federal Grant

The Obama administration is expanding community health centers in 41 states including Ohio. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced $128.6 million in awards Wednesday. Ohio will receive nearly $5 million in federal grants. The Columbus Neighborhood Health Center is receiving the largest grant in the state. That’s according to the head of the Health Resources and Services Administration, Mary Wakefield. “The Columbus Neighborhood Health Center is receiving an award of $900,000,â€? Wakefield says. The money is being allocated under the Affordable Care Act which is now under U.S. Supreme Court scrutiny. The Supreme Court could rule that the act is unconstitutional. But Wakefield thinks the court will uphold the law. “Our position of course is that the law when it was enacted, and even today, is constitutional and we've been deploying all sorts of programs commensurate with the provisions of the affordable care act ever since its enactment,â€? Wakefield says. The Columbus grant is one of 219 expected to expand care to more than 1.25 million new patients nationwide.