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City Pool Reopens After Hiring More Lifeguards

Another Columbus City pool will reopen today for city residents after getting enough lifeguards. Lincoln Pool reopened at 1700 Ann Street. Columbus Recreation and Parks Aquatics Manger, John Gloyd explains on Wednesday's All Sides with Ann Fisher that it has been difficult to get enough lifeguards. Gloyd says lifeguards have to undergo rigorous training to be certified. "They're required to dive in to the deep part of the pool, retrieve a 10 pound brick, swim back to the edge of the pool on their back with the brick held above their chest and get out of the water, and that's a timed function," says Gloyd. Gloyd says lifeguards also must swim 12 lengths of the pool and they must be able to tread water for several minutes. They also have to pay for their training, although Columbus City School students pay a discounted rate of $75. "If you're a Columbus Public School student we do give them a break and then for outside Columbus Public schools we do have a higher rate but it's still very affordable, explains Gloyd. Lifeguards earn $8.25 an hour. Lincoln joins 7 other city pools that are open throughout the summer. ----------------------