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Ohio Governor Strikes $30M In Nursing Home Bonuses

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a sweeping midterm budget bill after removing $30 million that lawmakers had set aside for bonuses to high-quality nursing homes and striking a number of other provisions. The bill was among three Kasich signed Monday. The policy and spending measure trims state spending by nearly $13.6 million. The legislation advances a number of Kasich's government-trimming strategies. It changes some laws to allow local government to share certain services, and eliminates or alters the roles of various government boards and commissions. The nursing home earmark was among 13 items Kasich struck from the bill. The unusual off-cycle budget bill was Kasich's creation. He based it on the one-year budget cycle of the federal government, which contrasts with Ohio's two-year cycle. Click here to hear the Governor's reasoning, and reaction from advocates for Ohio nursing homes.