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Ohio Auditor Says Indicted School Official Owes More Money

The state auditor says the debt is growing for a former Ohio charter schools treasurer charged with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal education funds. Fifty-seven-year-old Carl W. Shye Jr. was indicted last month on federal charges of embezzling more than $470,000 over six years. Ohio Auditor Dave Yost says Shye's debts owed to taxpayers grew by more than $52,000 with Thursday's release of a now-closed Dayton school's final audit. The auditor says Shye is liable for more than $52,000 in New City Community School expenditures made without proper documentation and school board approval. Shye, of New Albany, handled the finances of more than a dozen former charter schools in Columbus, Dayton and Youngstown. Shye's attorney, Michael Bowler, declined to comment Friday.