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Ohio Unemployment Rate Continues Downward Slide

The latest snapshot of the jobs situation in Ohio shows a lower unemployment, but that may be due in part to people leaving the workforce. Ben Johnson from the state Department of Job and Family Services says the unemployment rate ticked down from 7.5 to 7.4 percent, but the state lost about 3,400 jobs. "One is a payroll survey of businesses; it showed fewer people on the payroll. One is a household survey where people are called at home; it actually showed more people working. Sometimes the surveys don't return the same result." The jobs report says trade,transportation, and utilities employers shed about 4,700 jobs in April. Other sectors losing jobs included leisure and hospitality, manufacturing, and financial activities. Governments added about 2,900 jobs in April, while professional and business added 1,900 and education and health services increased by about 1,500 jobs.