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DeWine Sues California Company For Do Not Call Violations

A California Company is being sued by the State of Ohio for violating the “do not callâ€? list. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing CTI group for calling Ohio customers who were on the national do not call registry and for violating Ohio’s consumer laws. DeWine says the company, which sells trading and investment software, repeatedly called customers who were on the list or who had asked not to be called. And DeWine alleges the company ripped off customers who purchased over the phone by charging their credit cards without written consent and refusing to issue refunds. The lawsuit asks for consumer restitution and civil penalties. DeWine says the best way to avoid telemarketing calls is to register phone numbers on the national do not call list. In addition, he says to watch for scams and do not trust caller ID because it can be manipulated.