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Senator Portman Says Economy, Not Gay Marriage, Remains Key Issue

WEST UNION, Ohio (AP) - Ohio Sen. Rob Portman says the economy is the overriding issue for this year's elections, and that Republicans should stay focused on that, not gay marriage. Portman says voters are most concerned about jobs, deficits and economic uncertainty, and that's the best opportunity for Mitt Romney to win in November. Recent speculation tags Portman as a possible running mate for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Portman opposes same-sex marriage, but he tells The Associated Press that President Barack Obama's statement this week in favor of gay marriage doesn't change his view that the economy remains paramount. Portman was campaigning Friday across southern Ohio with Brad Wenstrup, the GOP nominee in the 2nd House District that Portman formerly represented. Wenstrup upset Rep. Jean Schmidt in the March primary.