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President Obama Launches Re-Election Bid At Ohio State University

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - President Barack Obama is using the first official rally of his re-election bid to brand GOP rival Mitt Romney a willing rubber-stamp for failed policies championed by extreme House Republicans. Obama told an enthusiastic crowd at Ohio State in Columbus that America's had a tough time rebounding from a deep recession. But he said it's come too far to turn back now. The noisy rally at a campus basketball arena was the first of two on Saturday for the Democratic incumbent. Later, he spoke at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Both Ohio and Virginia are seen as critical to the election outcome. Obama has raised cash and given campaign-like speeches for months, but Saturday's rallies are the first events formally organized by his campaign apparatus. At Ohio State, Obama said Romney seems to think if wealthy Americans like him or big corporations get richer, the country will prosper. But Obama says bigger profits haven't led to better jobs, and Romney "doesn't seem to get that."