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Komen Execs: Planned Parenthood Flap Hurting Registration

Organizers of Columbus’ Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure say registration has dipped slightly this year after the controversy with Planned Parenthood. It was front page news for days after Komen executives announced the organization would no longer send grants to Planned Parenthood or any other group under investigation. Executives later apologized and rescinded the policy, but it’s apparently still turning people off. Attendance for the race is down across the country, including a 30 percent drop in Indianapolis. Columbus registration has fallen about four percent. Komen spokeswoman Nicolle Racey says she has heard from people not racing because of the Planned Parenthood controversy. "And I think that’s really affected a lot of the affiliates and how they’re handling it. But we’re really fortunate here that our Columbus community really knows how important these funds and the programs that they go to," Racey says. Racey says they still hope to sign up between 45,000 and 50,000 participants. People have until April 26th to register for the May 19th race.