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National Guard Provides Details On Soldier Deaths

Ohio's adjutant general provided details Tuesday about the deaths of three National Guard soldiers from Central Ohio. Major General Deborah Ashenhurst described Captain Nicolas Rozanski, Sergeant First Class Shawn Hannon and Sergeant First Class Jeffrey Rieck as heroes. General Ashenhurst was in Afghanistan when she learned about the deaths of the three service members who were killed by what is presumed to be an I-E-D. She said she accompanied the bodies back to Dover Air Force base where they arrived on Saturday. Meanwhile, Ashenhurst says, their fellow guardsmen in Afghanistan are overcoming their grief. "It was amazing the depth of personal interaction that had come from these three men. It just seems like everybody they had served with, worked with or knew of these three gentlemen and it was a very deep cut into our forces emotionally." Ashenhurst says it not clear when the remains of the three guardsmen will be returned to the Columbus area. As soon as the folks in Dover are finished preparing the remains, and they are ready to ship back to the families, we will bring them all home at the same time. We will receive them in an appropriate manner. And then they will be released to their families and the families will definitely be in charge of where they go at that point. Three other Ohio guardsmen were wounded in the attack.