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Grove City Faces Loss Of Thoroughbred Race Track

Grove City will soon lose its thoroughbred horse racing track. Penn National Gaming says it has reached agreement with state officials to relocate Beulah Park to Austintown, near Youngstown. Grove City mayor Ike Stage says the loss of the state's oldest thoroughbred track is an economic and emotional setback for the city. "We're not surprised, we've been in conversation with Penn National off and on for a couple of years. We knew it was inevitable. We're glad they're going to at least go through the 2013 season." The agreement to allow Penn National to move the racetrack and add video lottery terminals requires the company to pay a $75,000,000 dollar relocation fee after the new track opens. Mayor Stage says the city will begin work to find a new use for Beulah park property. "It's a beautiful piece of land. Its in the center of our town. It can leverage our downtown area to make it more walkable. From that standpoint we're excited about what some of the prospects are in the future." Penn National says current workers at Beulah Park will have priority in applying for jobs at the new track in Austintown or at another Penn National horse race track planned for the Dayton area.