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Grove City Payroll Clerk Indicted For Felony Theft

A Grove City payroll clerk was indicted on felony theft charges Wednesday. Jacqueline Kincade, 62, is accused of writing $68,000 worth of checks to herself during the past six years. A Franklin County Grand Jury indicted Kincade on six felony charges including theft in office, tampering with records and filing fraudulent returns. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said Grove City lost more than just the amount of the unauthorized checks. “Because of that $68,000 theft you have the consequence of over a $1 million or about a $1 million in penalties which is the difficult circumstance," O'Brien said. The additional loss came from IRS penalties and interest, audit fees and police overtime. O’Brien said he will ask Kincaid to pay restitution if she is found guilty. But the likelihood of a prison sentence is slim, he said, due to legislation state lawmakers passed last year to try to reduce prison costs. “So we’re finding that people that you would kind of automatically assume would and should go to prison that the state authorities to cut costs aren’t permitting them to be sentenced," O'Brien said. Kincade worked for Grove City for more than 20 years. She’s expected to be arraigned in the next week or two.