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Ohio State Students March To "Reclaim Education"

About 200 students gathered on the Ohio State University Oval Thursday to "reclaim education." Organizers say they wanted to draw attention to the increased cost of higher education, and warn of the dangers of what they call increased corporate influence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKTKzhIP6lo&context=C30b29e0ADOEgsToPDskKREn-wVZNa1-u3jtNir06_ March organizer C.J. Jones says she's now working more hours to help pay for school. She says that's taking away from her studies. "I'm also concerned about my little sister," said organizer C.J. Jones. "She probably going to be going to school in Ohio, and I don't want her to graduate with a lot of student debt becuase I came before her and my parents helped to pay for my education." The office of OSU President Gordon Gee did not immediately comment on the protest.