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Bexley Mourns Death Of Mayor

Flags in Bexley are flying at half-staff today after the death of Mayor John Brennan. Brennan died Monday after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. City Council President and Acting Mayor Ben Kessler says Brennan was “the rock of Bexley.â€? "He was a basketball coach, a baseball coach...you name it," says Kessler." He was the rec director in Bexley for awhile, he was a city council member for several terms. He owned a restaurant at Broad and Nelson called Brennan's Broad-Nel, which later became the Old Bag of Nails." Kessler says Brennan was open about his pancreatic cancer during the 2011 campaign. He says Brennan wanted voters to decide whether he should stay in office. Kessler says city council will likely hold a special session next week to elect a mayor to serve until the next city election in November of next year. A memorial service for Brennan has not been announced.