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Ohio Dem. Chair Calls For I.G. Removal, Kasich Refuses

The leader of the Ohio Democratic Party wants a full investigation into recent activities of Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer. Meyer was recently a keynote speaker at a Republican party fundraiser in Clinton County. Party Chair Chris Redfern says that's inappropriate for someone who is supposed to be serving as a non-partisan watchdog of state government. "Who actually is in charge of overseeing whether John Kasich is spending my tax money unwisely, wasting resources? It’s the inspector general," Redfern said. "Now how on Earth can anyone trust the inspector general and his integrity, or lack thereof, if he’s a fundraiser for the Republican party? It doesn’t make any sense." Redfern says Governor Kasich should force Meyer to resign. But Kasich says he’s not going to do that. "You know he’s an independent overseer of our operation and I don’t have a comment on him. He’s got to do his job and I’ve got nothing else to add." State records show Meyer spoke at the event on January 9th.