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Protestors 'Occupy' The Courts

Dozens of Occupy protestors gathered in the bitter cold Friday afternoon at the U.S. District Court in downtown Columbus. This time they were protesting corporate campaign contributions. Protestor Bob Hart said he wants to see corporate money out of elections. “I understand from a regulatory perspective that sometimes you treat corporations as individuals or persons for purposes of liability, but I don’t think anybody ever intended that corporations with unlimited resources would be considered persons for purposes of free speech. They’re not persons for other reasons," Hart said. Elaine Schleiffer said corporations do not deserve the same free speech rights as citizens. “There’s a huge difference between the words that come out of your mouth or the words that you’re holding on a sign and where your pocket book goes to. And I think it’s really important to differentiate that. That ruling money as free speech just takes away the actuality of free speech for citizens of the American states.â€? Saturday marks the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of Citizens United. The ruling allows corporations to make unlimited campaign contributions under the First Amendment.