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Lawmaker Criticizes Response To Ohio Quakes

A lawmaker says the state's response to the latest earthquake activity in northeast Ohio is inadequate. Officials said over the weekend that they believe there's a connection to the injection of gas drilling waste-water into the ground near a fault line. On Friday, the brine disposal was halted at one well. Then, after a 4.0 magnitude quake shook the Youngstown area Saturday afternoon, the state stopped operations at four other injection wells within a 5-mile radius. Democratic state Rep. Robert Hagan of Youngstown wants a moratorium on injection wells. He says "there is danger all over." A spokesman for Republican Gov. John Kasich  says the administration didn't want to overreact to Saturday's quake with "guns blazing." The Ohio Oil and Gas Association is calling the situation "a rare and isolated event."      It says the injection well system is safe.