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Gator Bowl Brings Dismal Sales For Travel Agencies

The Gator Bowl that matches up the Ohio State Buckeyes with the Florida Gators is this afternoon at 1. Both teams finished 6 and 6. Travel agencies blame the disappointing season and the controversies surrounding the program and the loss of football coach Jim Tressel for low ticket sales. Owner of Reynolds Travel Agency, Ike Reynolds says bowl revenue normally makes up to 30% of his business. “This year and no bowl game next year we're going to have to focus our attention to other individual travel programs to be able to make up that lost revenue.â€? Reynolds says his company only sold tickets to 50 people. Two years ago, he sold 450 bowl game packages when the Buckeyes played in the Rose Bowl. Grandview Travel consultant, Fred Kerner says his agency had no sales for the Gator Bowl. “We haven't seen very much interest in this game. We've gotten maybe 1 or 2 calls and the people have not called back.â€? Kerner says he looks forward to Buckeye fans traveling to support the basketball program in the March NCAA tournament.