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Layaway "Angels" Help Pay Off Christmas Presents For Strangers

After the credit crunch a few years ago denied many people access to easy credit, some chain stores decided to bring back layaway. And WOSU reports layaway has inspired others to get into the giving spirit. It’s a busy afternoon at the K-Mart on Stringtown Road. Just two days before Christmas people are still coming in to buy last minute gifts and to pay off items they’ve placed on layaway. Stores market layaway as an option for people who do not have access to credit cards or for those who want to make sure they do not run up a large credit card bill. This year, people dubbed “layaway angelsâ€? are helping strangers pay off their Christmas presents. Rich Lisko manages the Stringtown Road K-Mart. Lisko said there have been at least two people a day for the past two weeks come to the store and put money towards or pay off a stranger’s layaway. “Usually just very few requests, they were looking for somebody with an awful lot of kids’ items. Looking for kids’ clothes or kids’ games. And they’re also requesting folks that are close to losing their layaways. So they’re looking for someone that they perceive is in trouble and anonymously helping them out, he said. Lisko said the “angelsâ€? are non-assuming and have boosted morale among store workers. “It’s a great thing to see. Sometimes when you give to a charity it goes off to a far distant land. These are all folks who are living in Grove City or this side of Columbus. And it’s kind of neat to see your friends and neighbors get helped out,â€? Lisko said. Most of the donors are requesting to remain anonymous.