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Kilroy Is In 3rd District, Barely

The Congressional map approved by Ohio lawmakers moved former Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy's Clintonville house out of the 3rd Congressional District, the district she wants to represent (green in the above photo). She now lives in the 12th district, now represented by Pat Tiberi (pink in the above photo). But she is incredibly close to the district she wants to represent. According to an interactive google map designed by The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer  it appears map makers tried to keep Kilroy in the revised new 3rd District by carving out a small finger which includes her neighborhood. If they did, mapmakers just  missed her house at  3100 Midgard Rd.   The north and west side of the curving Midgard Road is in the new 3rd District while the south and east side of the road, Kilroy's side, appears to be in the 12th District. According to the PD map, Kilroy's next door neighbor is in the 3rd District but her house is in the 12th. Mike Dittoe who speaks for the Ohio House says the location of Kilroy's house was not taken into consideration when putting the map together. Regarding the shape of the district Dittoe said "each district has to be identical in population that's why districts are different shapes." Regardless, Kilroy still plans to for the 3rd District against fellow Democrats Joyce Beatty, Ted Celeste and Priscilla Tyson. Celeste and Beatty, by the way, were not in the original 3rd District, but are now, according to the new map.