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Proposed Scioto Mile 'Cooling Tower' Sculpture Gets Redesign

The man who designed a six-story-high sculpture planned for The Scioto Mile has changed it slightly. Artist Brian Tolle has taken some criticism for choosing a shape some people say resembles a power plant cooling tower. He unveiled a revised sculpture on Wednesday that has no glass and a top which resembles a crown. Speaking on All Sides with Ann Fisher this morning, Tolle defended the basic shape of the sculpture “It’s a very, very beautiful, and a very, very flexible form that’s been adapted to all kinds of uses including skyscrapers, radio towers, any number of things,â€? Tolle says. “And the reason why it’s still used and continues to be a marvel is because it allows for us to achieve great scale with great economy.â€? Tolle says the sculpture is still in design and he's still working to secure private financing. His plans also call for the sculpture to include vegetation growing in the center.