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Governor Not Sold On Drug Testing For Cash Assistance

A bill that would require people receiving cash assistance from the state to submit to drug tests has a lot of critics. That includes the Governor. The bill from Republican State Senator Tim Schaffer of Lancaster would require those applying for cash assistance who are suspected of using drugs to submit to testing, which they’d pay for and would be reimbursed if they pass. But fellow Republican Gov. John Kasich says he has serious concerns about it. “You’ve got to balance the taxpayers off about what’s the common sense thing to do, the right thing to do, the compassionate thing to do, what’s the right thing for the kids? But you got to come up with the right answer and I don’t think it’s real simple.â€? Kasich says he’d prefer to give those who fail the tests 30 days to get clean. And he adds that federal rules may prevent the state from requiring the tests in the first place.