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Police Seek Assailant in Ohio State University Robbery

Police continue to look for a man who robbed an Ohio State University employee in his campus office at gunpoint December 6th. OSU police issued a crime alert following the hold-up in a basement office on 11th Avenue. While they got a good description of the assailant, police lieutenant Rick Green would not release further information. "We have developed some persons of interest that we are looking at but we don’t have any more information than that" Green said. The employee was confronted with a gun when he walked in on a man rummaging through his office desk. The employee surrendered valuables and the assailant got away. Green says OSU police have responded accordingly. "We are managing our patrol function to include extra attention not only to that area but to several areas around campus. So we’ll have more officers out on the street," Green said. Green says this year’s crime figures are nearly the same as last year's. But he says the hold-up was unusually violent for an on-campus robbery. "We want to help maintain a safe learning environment for our faculty, staff and students, and we’re doing everything that we can to bring this case to a resolution," Green said. The victim of the robbery was not injured.