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Ohio Attorney General Wants Rape Test Kits Processed.

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine says its unclear how long it will take to test the backlog of  thousands of   rape kits in Ohio. Dewine is hiring four additional staff at his crime lab and urging local police and sheriff departments to turn over sexual assault evidence kits for testing. "And if you test these, you know, what you're going to get is, in all likelihood you're going to get  the DNA of the assailant. And we want the DNA of the assailant in our national database because we'll find that guy eventually." Says Dewine DeWine says a new unit at the state crime lab will handle thousands of old evidence kits collected from victims of suspected sexual assaults and not yet tested. A new recommended policy says law enforcement agencies should submit any old or new kits to the state crime lab regardless of whether a decision has been made to prosecute. There was no previous policy on submitting kits.   Associated Press contributed to this story.