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Cain Campaigns At OSU. Gives No Sign Of Quitting

In light of sexual harassment charges against him, Republican Herman Cain is re-assessing his campaign for president. But when Cain spoke at Ohio State University's main campus he gave no sign of quitting the race. Cain's stop in Columbus was part of three stop Ohio tour that could test the impact of the latest allegation of inappropriate behavior. The former pizza executive began Wednesday with a rally in a GOP-dominated area of southwest Ohio in West Chester, then headed to Dayton for a rally, and then to Ohio State University. Cain told aides on Tuesday he would keep up his immediate campaign plans while assessing how supporters are reacting. He denies a Georgia woman's claim they had an extramarital affair over 13 years. Cain had jumped to the top of the GOP field in the key swing state of Ohio in a late October poll by Quinnipiac University. But he has been sliding since in national polling.