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Environment Group Says Thanksgiving Travelers Gobble Too Much Gas

An environmental advocacy group kicked off Thanksgiving travel week with calls for support of stricter fuel mileage standards to be phased in during the next 14 years. Environment Ohio spokesman Matt Caffrey used fuel standards proposed by the Obama Administration to calculate possible fuel savings for Thanksgiving week travel. "Statewide, Ohioans would cut their gas budgets by almost half, saving 10.5 million dollars, or about 15 dollars per family." Says Caffrey. Caffrey's group supports development of more alternative fuel cars and light trucks. But, democratic state representative Ted Celeste says as demand for gasoline drops, funding for road and bridge projects could be jeopardized since gasoline taxes are a major source of funds for the Ohio Department of Transportation. "That's where the primary source of revenue is coming from is the gas tax, and so, we're going to have to be creative about how you pay for infrastructure in the future." Says Celeste. The federal proposal for fuel mileage standards is more than 54 miles per gallon by the year 20-25.