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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Wins Easily

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman gets a fourth consecutive four-year term courtesy of city voters. In the midst of the Westin Great Southern ballroom, a beaming Mayor Coleman was applauded by democratic party backers, city workers, friends, family and well-wishers. "One of my greatest honors in life is to have served as your mayor over these past twelve years."  Says Coleman. Coleman easily outdistanced republican challenger, Earl Smith.  When Coleman was first elected in 1999 he ended 28 years of republican hold on the city's top office. Two years ago he guided an effort to boost the city income tax that brought additional revenue to city hall. Now, Coleman will lead the city through its bi-centennial year in 2012. He says he'll redouble efforts to keep the city's youngsters away from crime. "I really want to intervene in young people's lives to keep them away from crime and one of the things we're going to unveil in our budget is going to be very focused on that."  Says Coleman. Mayor Coleman will submit his 2012 budget proposal to city council next week.  He'll continue to work with an all democratic council as voters elected four democrats, including council president Andrew Ginther.