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Westboro Baptist Protesters Met By Counter-Protesters At OSU

The Ohio State University campus was the backdrop Tuesday for a tense meeting between two group of protesters. Members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church stood at the corner of High Street and 12th Avenue with their usual anti-gay signs and a boombox playing top 40 hits with lyrics changed to fit their message. But the 200 or so students did their best to one-up them with songs mocking the church and its beliefs. Timothy Phelps is the youngest son of church founder Fred Phelps. Warning: the following video contains some possibly-offensive language from protesters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flXWVBD_Vrg Click here for more pictures of the Tuesday protests. The tense but peaceful event nearly took a turn for the worse when Afghanistan veteran Rick Hollyfield tried to confront Shirley Phelps, the daughter of Fred Phelps, because she was standing on an American flag. "I don't care that they're holding those signs up. That's their free speech. But when they stand on the flag of this country…that just crossed my line," said Hollyfield. Church leaders say they came to Ohio State because OSU uses policies that "show a disobedience to God." There were also already in Ohio because administrators at Miami University canceled an event there.