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New PAC Forms To Oppose Issue 3

Opponents of the health care issue on Ohio’s ballot this fall have formed a coalition. It includes nearly three dozen groups from around the state. Spokesman Brian Rothenberg says many are groups that focus on health…. groups like the Ohio Public Health Association and the Ohio Nurses Association. "There are strong coalitions of health care advocates that have been working on this, consumer advocates have been working on this. So it wasn't as if you didn't have a sort of built-in structure to do this," Rotherburg says. Rothenberg says the coalition won’t have a lot of money to convey its message. Backers of issue three say passage of it would allow Ohioans to be exempt from the federal health care law mandate. But Rothenberg says that’s an issue that will be determined by courts….and he contends the issue could end up wiping out important health provisions that are popular with many Ohioans.