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Issue 2 Opponents: Law Would Wipe Out Cost-Saving Measures

Opponents of Ohio's new collective bargaining law are touting a report that claims negotiations targeted by the law have saved taxpayers more than $1 billion since 2008. Protect Ohio Protectors - a group representing firefighters and police officers - shared the report Tuesday at multiple news conferences around the state. The report cites data from the State Employment Relations Board, collective bargaining contracts, and public records. It attempts to take into account public workers' concessions, including freezes in their wages, unpaid days off and increases to their pension and health care contributions. The report found public education unions had the largest amount of concessions, saving school districts at least $700 million last school year. Issue 2 is a referendum on Senate Bill 5, which, among other things, bars public employees from striking, requires they pay at least 15 percent of health care premiums, and eliminates automatic pay increases. Supporters say the changes are necessary to help state and local governments control costs.