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Transit Authority Drops Plan To Move High Street Stops

The Central Ohio Transit Authority today dropped plans to move some High Street bus stops. COTA president Bill Lhota says after a second look at a proposal to move High Street stops for the Cleveland Avenue-Livingston Avenue buses, transit leaders decided to keep current bus stops intact. The decision came after several public hearings in which complaints far outnumbered supportive comments. "We did get comments that it was racially motivated and economically motivated but that did not factor into either our initial plans to move it or our decision to leave the route where it is." Says Lhota. Lhota adds that re-locating some High Street bus stops would also force some riders to walk further to transfer buses downtown. Capital Crossroads executive, Cleve Ricksecker expressed disappointment with COTA's action. "I support the idea of looking at re-routing buses in downtown. In a way I thought that that proposal for the number one bus was a little premature." Capital Crossroads wants to encourage automobile parking along High Street downtown to support street level retail shops. Ricksecker says bus congestion makes on street parking difficult. Tom Borgerding WOSU News