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GOP's Cain Talks Faith, 9-9-9 Plan

Republican Herman Cain told a Circleville audience last night that a U.S. presidential race between two black candidates would show "it's not about color." The former Godfather's Pizza executive from Georgia addressed the possibility of a race between him and President Obama after appearing at a Faith and Freedom Coalition rally at Ohio Christian University. His speech to about 1,600 people focused on faith, including how it helped him through cancer treatments. Cain's status in the GOP race has risen recently, apparently fueled by his 9-9-9 tax overhaul plan. It would replace the current tax code with a 9 percent tax on personal income and corporations, and introduce a 9 percent national sales tax. He's not considered likely to become the GOP nominee, but in recent polls has ranked as a rival for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who's seen as the front-runner.