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West High Student Admits Cutting Classmate's Throat

A West High School student admitted Wednesday morning to stabbing a classmate two weeks after school began. Marcos Solis, III, 14, told a Franklin County Juvenile Magistrate he cut Tyquan Green-Tucker’s throat as they left a school assembly for 9th graders. Solis pleaded guilty to one count of felonious assault and one count of having a dangerous weapon in a school zone. Green-Tucker, 14, survived the attack. The two boys live on the same street. And Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said each family has claimed their child was a victim of bullying. "There’s nothing that could have happened previously that could have justify someone taking a knife and slitting someone’s throat from behind," O'Brien said. O’Brien expects Solis to be sent to a Department of Youth Services juvenile facility when he’s sentenced next month. O’Brien said the longest the teen could be there is seven years. Solis’ case was not heard in adult court because of his age and his lack of prior record.