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Election Reform Law, Photo ID Requirement - Common Sense Changes

194, no it is not a new jean line, but House Bill 194,.. It’s a common sense way to tighten Ohio’s elections. The  law :

  • Shortens the time allowed for absentee voting from 35 to 21 days.
  • Cuts early voting from 35 days to 14 days
  • Prohibits counties from mailing absentee ballots applications to all registered voters.
  • Allows but does not require poll workers to  help voters find their correct voting location.

You would think that this is the end of the world if you listen to the Democrats trying to repeal it. They are “shockedâ€? that the Republicans would want to tighten up rules to lessen the chance of voter fraud. “You mean there is gambling going on in this establishment? Let’s round up the usual suspects. Voter Suppression Racism Let’s face it, this is about turnout and getting elected. When Democrats were in control, they pushed for as many ways as humanly possible to increase the turnout of people likely to vote for them. That is what they do. This way they can demagogue their way into office by galvanizing the masses. The screams of racism, class warfare etc. are all designed for that purpose.   They use the same arguments when denouncing attempts to make voters show a photo ID before they cast their ballots. The “progressivesâ€? say that there hasn’t been any voter fraud to speak of so why make people show a photo ID if there isn’t a problem?  I totally agree with that logic. I think that low crime areas should keep their doors open and unlocked, after all if there isn’t a crime problem why protect yourself? Restaurants should just tell their customers to leave the (cash) on their tables. Banks should let people go into the vault to serve themselves. It is about time that we became a civilized society. The real “elephantâ€? in the room (sorry for the pun) is the fact that both sides have a vested interest in either promoting or discouraging large voter turnout. The Democrats want as many people in poor areas, African American, Union members etc. to vote. I cringe when I hear how the Democrats speak about voter suppression, “fairnessâ€?, racism etc.  It’s about getting elected that is all. The Democrats have used surrogate groups like Acorn which was linked to voter fraud in several states. .   Why not have common sense rules to protect us from this type of abuse ? In my opinion some in the Democratic Party would like to use the old Chicago style of “voting early and voting oftenâ€?, dead people need apply. Republicans look at this as a common sense way to protect the electoral process and House Bill 194…and separate legislation requiring a photo ID, doe just that. Democrats view this bill, as a cynical, partisan, attempt to strengthen the Republican hand in the next election. The problem is that they are upset because this is not their cynical attempt to strengthen their hand in the next election. After all as we have heard over and over “elections have consequences."