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Democrats Sue Over New Congressional Map

The Ohio Democratic party is going to the Ohio Supreme Court over the recent congressional redistricting map approved by majority Republicans. The court suit filed by the Ohio Democratic Party doesn’t come as a surprise to many who’ve been watching the redistricting fight. When Republican lawmakers added money to the Congressional map, they said doing so would mean it could not be subject to a referendum. But Democratic Party Chief Chris Redfern says that appropriation does not make the map referendum proof. He says the map is an overreach by Republicans. So Redfern says he’s prepared to ask the Ohio Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue. He’s asking the party’s donors to give money to help offset the costs of this effort. This isn’t the only fight the Democratic party is facing. Democrats backing a plan to keep the collective bargaining law passed by lawmakers last spring from going into effect. On Thursday, the party also plans to file petition signatures to put the recently-passed elections reform law on next fall’s ballot. That would keep it limiting early voting and absentee voting in the 2012 election.