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Senate Returns To "Heartbeat Bill" Rally

Hundreds of people crowded the Statehouse atrium Tuesday to encourage returning state Senators to pass the so-called "Heartbeat Bill." If passed, it would be considered the strictest abortion law in the country by outlawing the procedure after the first medically-detectable heartbeat. Some anti-abortion groups have backed away from the bill, saying that while they support the premise of the law, it could hurt the pro-life cause if declared unconstitutional. That doesn't bother activist Kaitlyn Neil, who compares the fight to Ohio being the first state to outlaw partial-birth abortions. "If we the people as a majority fell this way about this issue, we need to mobilize and encourage our state representatives to pass laws about what we want, what we believe," Neil says. Neil says she has the support of most Republican state Senators. The "Heartbeat Bill" cleared the state House in the spring, but has not yet been assigned to a Senate committee.