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Former Central Ohio U.S. Representative To Run Again

Former U.S. Representative Mary Jo Kilroy announced she will make another bid for Congress as the new congressional districts have been proposed. After only one term in Congress, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy lost her seat to Republican Steve Stivers. But now that republicans have redrawn the state’s congressional district map, Kilroy said she’ll run again. The proposed district in Franklin County is heavy with registered democratic voters which could give Kilroy an advantage at the polls. "I had close races in a swing district and a winning race in a swing district. This is a very different district," Kilroy said. Kilroy has run on jobs and healthcare in the past, and she said those will be among her campaign issues this time. "We need to make sure that we are fighting for jobs. We have to protect Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. I have a track record of standing up to Wall Street and working for better protection for consumers, and I will continue to be that voice for this community," she said. This would be Kilroy’s fourth run for Congress. She lost to former U.S. Representative Deborah Pryce in 2006.Two years later, Kilroy defeated Stivers who currently holds the seat after last year’s win.