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President Barack Obama Returns To Columbus To Talk Up Jobs Plan.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to make a stop in Columbus later today.  Its part of an effort to put pressure on Ohio members of congress to pass a new administration plan to boost jobs. When president Obama visits Columbus he'll use a Columbus city school as a backdrop to promote his $447,000,000,000  jobs package. 15 months ago, the president was flanked by construction workers at this intersection,  Livingston and Parsons, in a bid to tout his first stimulus program.  Now, the 325 construction workers at the site are nearly finished. The roadwork is scheduled to be completed next month. Construction worker Jarod Hasty says the first jobs program brought welcome relief. "I know its put a whole lot of excessively well-paying jobs out there. Prevailing wage is prevailing wage. So, it pays well."  Says Hasty. The intersection improvements at Livingston and Parsons are designed to allow more expansion at Nationwide Children's hospital.  In today's appearance, the president will focus his message on school renovations as a means to increase employment. Ohio's jobless rate remains around nine percent.  The president  sent his proposed legislation that mixes tax cuts with new spending  to Capitol Hill just prior to his visit to Columbus. Tom Borgerding WOSU News