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Remembrance Park At OSU Dedicated; Tressels Attend

Former Buckeyes head football coach Jim Tressel attended the dedication of a new park at Ohio State University Friday afternoon.   Tressel and his wife Ellen were among the benefactors who helped establish Remembrance Park.  The park honors more than a thousand Ohio State alumni who, as military personnel, lost their lives in service to the United States.   The centerpiece of the park is a memorial wall topped with plaques listing the names of those who died.  Nearby is a monument titled “Traditionsâ€? that the Tressels donated.  Jim Tressel says the park is a fitting tribute.   “With all the names of the Ohio Staters who served their country and lost their lives; the monument [to] athletics, academics, service and the military tying it altogether wasn't my idea, but it's brilliant and this is a special, special place,â€? Tressel said.   Tressel wore a scarlet Ohio State shirt embroidered with a Block “Oâ€? to the event.   “Oh gosh, I'll always be a Buckeye,â€? Tressel said.  “I mean the University has given me opportunities that people only dream of.  So it will always be great.â€?   Remembrance Park is located at the northwest corner of Tuttle Park Place and Woody Hayes Drive.