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Ballot Issue Ads Will Carry Disclaimer

Backers and opponents on each of the three issues turned in their arguments and it's the job of elections officials to distribute them. That means they'll use newspaper ads that blanket Ohio. The five-member bi-partisan ballot board gave the go-ahead, but unanimously agreed to add a disclaimer that none of the claims in the arguments have been checked or endorsed by elections officials. Republican state senator and ballot board member, Keith Faber ,called for the caveat. "That would eliminate the possibility of anybody being confused that somehow we have validated the claims which may be false or misleading," Faber says. After the meeting, Faber gave some examples from the 'Vote No' side on the collective bargaining law. Faber wants Ohioans to vote "yes" and keep the law on the books. A spokeswoman for the 'Vote No' drive defended its argument saying the more Ohioans find out about the law the more they oppose it. Click here for ballot language on Issue 1, Issue 2, and Issue 3.