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Columbus' Libyan American Community 'Joyful.'

As rebel forces in Libya expand their control of Tripoli, a Columbus businessman and leader of a Libyan-American community is making tentative plans to visit his native country. Homdi Soliman was brought to America as a teenager in 1981. His father wanted to shield Soliman from forced service in Moammar Gadhafi's army. Since then, he has gained American citizenship and successfully runs a small business on the Northwest side. Now, he's looking froward to a visit to his native land. "Its going to be completely different this time. you'll be walking the street and you don't have to look over your shoulder or somebody is going to grab you or tolerate you." Soliman says. "You'll be you know, just walking the streets like the king of the streets." Soliman adds the Libyan community in Columbus and other American cities have helped war relief efforts during the uprising. He says there's no fear now that Libya is going to be free.