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Columbus Suffers Jobs 'Hiccup'

A new jobs survey shows Central Ohio shed jobs during the second quarter. The region's job picture darkened especially in June. Columbus Chamber of Commerce economist, Bill Lafayette, describes the job losses as a 'hiccup.' In June alone, Central Ohio lost 4900 jobs. "A good chunk of that June decline was in government and that decline wasn't necessarily echoed at the state and national level," Lafayette said. In fact, Akron, Dayton, Cleveland and Cincinnati all added jobs during the second quarter, while the number of Columbus jobs declined. Lafayette said manufacturing employment helped job growth in those other Ohio cities. The job losses in Columbus occurred while state government was working to balance a new two-year budget and eliminate an 8-billion dollar budget deficit. Construction, retail, professional and business services all posted job gains in Central Ohio during April, May and June. But, Lafayette said, as a state capital, the region is susceptible to future government cutbacks. "In terms of total government employment we're above the national average,"  Lafayette said. Lafayette said 16 percent of all jobs in Central Ohio are government jobs.