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Mitt Romney Makes First Campaign Visit To Ohio

Several polls show Mitt Romney is currently the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. He made his first campaign stop in Ohio on Wednesday. The setting: a factory in Pataskala, east of Columbus. "I love free enterprise, I love capitalism. They're American. They put Americans to work. We can compete with anyone in the world," Romney said. But, Romney said, especially under President Barack Obama and Democrats, the nation has become unfriendly to business. Romney blamed government over spending, the new federal health insurance law and too much patience with foreign countries that keep American goods out. Even before Romney's appearance, the chair of the Ohio Democratic Party was blasting him as a hypocrite. Chris Redfern said Romney was praising manufacturing jobs now while earlier he had downplayed them. Redfern also said the factory Romney used as a backdrop had received federal stimulus money, money Romney and other republicans had opposed.