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Fuel Continues To Leak Into Scioto River

Hazmat crews continue to clean up diesel fuel leaking into the Scioto River in downtown Columbus. State officials expect minimal effect on the environment.

Diesel fuel continues to run off the Town Street Bridge into the Scioto River where it leaked from a CSX train onto the tracks Monday. Work crews are trying to figure out how to clean up the remaining gas without compromising the bridge's integrity.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's Erin Strouse said as many as 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from the train between Cleveland and Columbus.

"As far as environmental impacts, there aren't expected to be many. Coming from the Scioto River spill location I think we're still trying to determine what we're dealing with at the railroad trestle there. That's something we'll know more here in the coming days," Strouse said.

Strouse said so far area wildlife has not been effected.

Hazmat crews hired by the rail line have used absorbent booms to sop up the fuel from the water.