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Trustee: No New Athletic Violations; University-Wide Compliance

An OSU trustee Thursday said he does not believe there are additional football department violations. But the recent NCAA investigation into OSU's athletic department has prompted university trustees to review campus-wide compliance protocols. Audit and Compliance Committee Chair Robert Schottenstein addressed university compliance related to recent events that spawned an NCAA investigation and the resignation of former football head coach Jim Tressel. The athletic review group formed in April to look into transgressions involving Tressel and student athletes, Schottenstein said, will be taken over by the Audit and Compliance Committee. "We want to assure ourselves there are no new issues and I won't say today that we believe that is the case. The process and decision-making today by our university by our judgment has been fundamentally sound," Schottenstein said. Schottenstein expects to finish that review within 45 days. Schottenstein said the NCAA investigation could spur possible changes in overall university compliance rules. "While we believe that we have very strong protocols and processes in place, we want to use this experience that we've had in athletics, to not only look at the athletics compliance protocols, but all university ones to see where and if we can get better," he said. Schottenstein said it could be nine months before the university-wide compliance review is complete.