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Men Seek Youthful Treatments For Careers

Older men trying to stay competitive in the career world are turning to surgical alternatives. Dr. Robert Heck injects Botox into a man who is 50. "This hurts just a little bit, you're going to get about 4 to 5 pokes per area. It'll take me about 2 minutes to do," Heck explained. Heck estimates he does Botox procedures for up to 10 men a day. Heck explains male customers now make up 20% of his business at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery. "Most men will come in they don't really know what they want. Some of them are a little bit embarrassed to be there. And they'll just say hey doc look I feel like I'm looking old, I feel like I'm aging, what can you do for me to make me look less tired, what can you do for me to make me look younger," said Heck. Greg Brightman, the 50-year-old is undergoing his second Botox procedure. The insurance broker says he likes that the results come quickly. "It gives you a refreshing youthful look and the thing when people say oh you've lost weight I can tell it in your face you can say Oh yeah whether you have or not, I guess it's your own secret," said Brightman. Brightman does a lot of his work on the golf course and over dinner and he believes a youthful appearance gives the impression of someone ready to get things done. "If I was on the other side of the table which I've been you want to make sure that who you're placing your business with has the energy to keep up with your needs and things like that and will be responsive. They don't want someone who is looking tired or even a little bit older. They want somebody that shows energy," said Brightman. Nationally, men underwent more than 1 million cosmetic procedures last year, or about 10 percent of all such treatments. That's an increase of 2% from 2009. Male facelifts and nose jobs saw the largest boost. Dr. Heck says keeping a competitive edge is the reason many men say they want to improve their appearance. "I have one patient who's a professor. He's a law professor and he absolutely comes back and every time says hey thanks I appreciate this. I think it really helps. He didn't say it helped get him the job. But he really thinks that it helps with his confidence in the job he does," said Heck. Dr. Heck adds while Botox is more common among men to maintain a youthful look, liposuction and breast reduction also lead the list of procedures men want to have. Other plastic surgery offices also report more men are coming in to look more youthful. Dr. Bivik Shah of Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery says men account for 15% of his business. That's up from about 3 percent, a decade ago. "A lot of men patients that never really thought about plastic surgery, whether it's the job market or whether it's the economy or whether it's just the current culture they are definitely more interested in having something done to maintain their youth," said Shah. Shah says eyelid surgery and Botox are the most popular with his male patients. He says the injections can last up to 6 months. He adds there are some patients he will decline if he does not think they're healthy enough or that the procedure will make a difference.