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Two Of Three Men Arrested in "Woodfest" Out On Bond

Two of the three men accused of assaulting Columbus police officers at a party that got out of control near Ohio State are out on bond Monday afternoon. WOSU reports OSU and police plan to work together to prevent future problems. Ohio State student Matthew Coleman, 19, charged with two counts of felony assault, is out of jail on bond. So is fellow student, 21-year-old Brian Witt, who faces one count of felony assault. The other man who was arrested, 21-year-old Michael Shivak, remains in jail. He also is charged with felonious assault. An OSU spokesperson said Shivak does not attend the university. All of their bonds were set at $25,000. And their preliminary hearings are pending. Sunday night during a block party, hundreds of students made their way from houses and yards into the streets at North High Street and East Woodruff Avenue. Columbus Police spokesman Sergeant Rich Weiner said there were two major issues with the so-called "Woodfest" that left three police officers injured one officer was hit in the back of the head with a full beer can. "If we have an emergency down at the end of the street and we need to get a police vehicle or a fire vehicle down to the end, it could delay our response. The other, the items being thrown, they could hit anybody in the crowd. And it's our responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen," Weiner said. Both Coleman and Witt have various injuries...bruising and cuts on their faces...their eyes swollen shut. Weiner said the police department is still waiting on an injury report investigation. "Anytime there is an injury to a suspect that requires medical attention there is always a chain of command investigation by a sergeant. That sergeant will write up facts and recommendations as to exactly what happened. And that will be shipped through the chain of command to make sure everything was done within policy," he said. Weiner would not say if police officers caused the men's injuries. He did say one man began to flee from officers and fell from a flower bed and onto his face. Weiner said Columbus Police plans to work with Ohio State student government to conduct seminars on what is responsible partying and what is expected from students. OSU's director of student judicial affairs, Andrea Goldblum, who would not talk about specific consequences for the OSU students involved, said the university does try to educate students on how to hold controlled parties. "We do present information about how to party smart. So that you are making sure that it's not getting out of hand, that you are not serving people of age, that you only have people who are invited to the party," Goldblum said. Golblum said the university does how the power to reprimand students who are found guilty of crimes.