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Columbus Reacts To News Of bin Laden's Death

In Columbus coffee shops, bus stops, and on the Ohio State main campus reaction to Osama bin Laden's death ranged from joy to trepidation. In front of Caribou Coffee on North High in Clintonville, retiree Dave Timm welcomed bin Laden's demise. "That's good news. I think he uh...that was an act of war that he perpetrated there against the trade centers and us and those attacks back in 2001 and I'm happy to hear he got his just dues," Timm said. Yoshi Nali says he learned the news early this morning and was overjoyed. "I was so happy and he have to pay. And he paid," Nali said. A few blocks south, on Ohio State's campus, sophomore Hannah Kline remembered she was in the 5th grade on the day the World Trade Center twin Towers were attacked. She learned of bin Laden's death while staying up late in her campus rooming house. "Yeah, there were cheers at first and then we all started hearing fireworks go off even before the president talked. So we went outside and were just watching and listening people blasting the star spangled banner and all that." Later on, hundreds of OSU students turned out at Mirror Lake and chanted U-S-A while waving U.S. and Ohio flags. Some jumped into the lake. Karen Fife is in her early 30s. Her reaction to the death of bin Laden was more muted. "I don't really like all the reaction that people are...I feel it looks similar to like the celebrations in the Middle east where they have presidents, straw presidents on fire and stuff. I thought is was little bit similar to how they react when something terrible happens in America." Others, like OSU Senior Michael Doss expressed some mild trepidation about reaction to bin Laden's death. "A little bit worried about the fall-out that's going to happen from this and the increase in global al Qaida attacks and retriubution, but..." Doss says he never wants to be happy about the death of another human being but he said bin Laden deserved it, its about time.