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Union Protests Bob Evans' Worker Benefits

Members of a local service employees union called on Bob Evans today to improve its employees' benefits. The protest comes in the wake of a comment by Gov. John Kasich comparing Bob Evans' hourly workers' benefits to public employee benefits. "When I go to Bob Evans and I see a woman working in there who doesn't have any pension, and I don't even know if she has any health care benefits and if she does, they're shabby at best," Kasich said. Kasich's remark sparked members of a local union to form Ohioans Against Shabby Benefits, and to picket the Bob Evans in Upper Arlington. Bob Evans received $8 million in tax incentives to keep its headquarters in Central Ohio. Protestor Travis Long said the company should use some of the money to improve worker benefits. "That's a large chunk of money that the governor has given them, and it's great that they're staying, but now let's put that to good use," Long said. Bob Evans offers hourly workers a health insurance option and retirement plans. The company did not respond to requests for an interview. Kasich's Press Secretary Rob Nichols said the union's protest undermines the state's efforts to attract more business to Ohio.