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Developers Get Year-Extension On Cooper Stadium Deal

Developers who hope to turn the old Cooper Stadium into a racetrack get more time to finalize the last pieces of the project. Franklin County Commissioners voted to give Arshot one year to put final issues to bed before buying the old Clippers baseball stadium. Arshot spokeswoman Lisa Griffin said earlier this year the company agreed to modifications to traffic issues in the area. She said their traffic proposal already has been submitted to city officials. "It's all about curb cuts, do we have to put in another traffic light, how will the flow go in and how, how will the signage go, and that includes parking as well," Griffin said. Arshot Investment Corporation needs to get zoning approval from Columbus City Council before it can go ahead with the $3.4 million purchase. This was the third extension in three years. Franklin County Commissioner John O'Grady, who calls the proposed racetrack a strong development project, said commissioners wanted to make sure the project moves forward. Although it will be up to city council to pass zoning legislation and the project has met with opposition regarding issues like noise from the racetrack. "I would hope there's not going to be any hold up from City Council. I know there's, there's certainly questions about the noise, but at the same time, Arshot has worked diligently with folks to address the noise issues and address the concerns, and at this point, there's just a handful of folks who are concerning themselves with that," he said. In February, Columbus Development Commissioners voted unanimously to recommend to City Council rezoning the 47 acres on Mound Street for a raceway and automotive and technology center. Arshot agreed to reduce its tax break from 100 percent down to a 10-year, 75 percent tax abatement in exchange for the continuation.